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King Dick 2-shot ( promo (photo by Dave

Analog Players




Now is the dark winter of our discontent made glorious, sunny summer by this stripped down bastard child of Shakespeare’s Richard III.


Two actors, two puppets, and an entire wardrobe’s worth of costume changes suffice to bring about the downfall of England’s most hated tyrant king, but not without a few new plot twists and turns along the way. Playwright Alex Hacker, who plays every character not named Richard, has added a little drama of his own to Shakespeare’s tragedy: “It’s mostly Shakespeare’s play. I cut it down from well over three hours to a breezy 90 minutes. In the process I couldn’t resist messing with it a bit. I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say the puppets aspire to lives of their own.” 


Partner-in-crime Scott Burke relishes playing the arch villain. “There’s a certain fascination with this unscrupulous, power-hungry tyrant who trampled upon tradition, scorned social convention, and abided by no law but his own. It’s obviously written to be fun to play, and despite everyone’s best efforts to cut him down to size, Richard maintains an easygoing charm. Until the end, of course.” 

Hacker, who founded Analog Players in Baltimore in 2016, has recently relocated to Southern Vermont, where he hopes to put on many more plays in the future. He was named Best New Playwright by the Baltimore City Paper in 2012 and has written and directed two plays that landed in their yearly top-ten list. “I’m excited to be in Vermont. For one, it’s beautiful, and so much of the culture here is an expression of what I love about the stage: it’s a place of glorious creativity.” 

Please join us for this truly unique Shakespearean performance. 

Thursday, Aug. 22  @ 7

Friday  & Saturday, Aug. 23 & 24 @ 8

King Dick (King) Rehearsal 2 (photo by N
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