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“The DVD box says one of the productions won an award for best-of-something... I’d give them all trophies.” —The Village Voice


A fascinating and hilarious series of short films 

Starring LESION


Over the last 18 years, NYC-based German rock band LESION has produced a series of 21 short lms to go along with several of their live performances. Saturday, April 8, 2017, Lockdown! Records! presents a selection these lms, written and directed by LESION’s lead singer, Dr. Gustave Hurtz. Each film focuses on lifestyle choices of particular members; Venison, the band’s tongueless drummer (who speaks with the aid of an electronic voice simulator), Piss Promise, the drug-addled guitar player/hedonist, American Art, hemp-smoking bass man transported from the 1700s to present day by “magical rock voodoo,”Mr Pod, the band’s pipe-smoking Hugh Hefner-esque bass player, and Dr. Hurtz, lead singer with an enormous (and fragile) ego. Sex-change operations, life-after-death, unscheduled decapitation, and Napoleon’s penis are just a few of the topics covered in this ongoing series of funny and innovative films.

Cash bar by Whetstone Station Brewery

“Hilarious...” — Chuck Eddy, The Village Voice

Written, directed and edited by Dr. Gustave Hurtz 

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