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The Hooker-Dunham Theater 
Cracked Glass Productions
A Staged Reading
James Joyce's
LIVE STREAMED, Free event!

Just type "Bloomsday in Brattleboro" into YouTube's search box

to see the show!

@ 7 PM

Leopold Bloom, his wife the sensuous Molly Bloom, his surrogate son the aspiring writer Stephen Dedalus and dozens of Dubliners wended their way through beaches, schools,Dublin's innumerable pubs, a church service, an outhouse, a maternity hospital, The National Library, Nighttown, a cabman's hut, Bloom's home on Eccles St. and Stephen's abode in a Martello tower at Sandycove overlooking Dublin Bay, all on an eventful single day, June 16, 1904. Homer's Ulysses took 10 years for his epic journey but James Joyce's classic novel Ulysses makes the journey in a single day.  

Banned in the U.S. for nearly two decades because it reflected life as it really is, this marvel of literature leaps from the innermost thoughts of its characters to hallucinatory fantasy in a day in the life of turn-of-the-century Dublin.

Numerous theaters, auditoriums, and libraries around the world celebrate June 16th as BLOOMSDAY with readings, often from beginning to end, of the famous book. We will not attempt such a superhuman feat, but we will celebrate BLOOMSDAY with a live-streamed online production.

18 talented actors join together to portray the fascinating characters of James Joyce’s classic comic novel.  With a Storyteller weaving the excerpts together, the cast will embody the Dubliners whose music, dialog, unspoken thoughts, and wild fantasies populate Joyce’s vision of a day in the life of 1904 Dublin.  

Ulysses is a novel filled with music and Dan Dewalt’s piano, Jonathan Kinnersley on fiddle, and Ron Bos-Lun on mandolin will evoke 1904 Dublin’s lively spirit. The ensemble includes Cameron Cobane, Mark Ziter, Adrienne Major, Bahman Mahdavi, Johanna Gardner, David Roberts, Carrie Kidd, Cassandra Holloway, Jenny Holan, John Ogorzalek, Leigha Geno, Ray Mahoney, Tim Segar, and Terry Carter.

June 16th comes but once a year, so mark TUESDAY, June 16, 2020 in your calendar now so you won't miss the fun!   Come taste the wonder of James Joyce's poetry, satire, and indefatigable imagination in our romp through this remarkable day in our celebration of the wit and wonder of James Joyce's Ulysses.



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