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Hooker-Dunham History


Throughout its history, the Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery has been committed to inspiring personal and community transformation through the interplay of artists and the community.


A former shoe warehouse transformed by its visionary owners into a theater and gallery, the Hooker-Dunham is one of the Brattleboro area's most active and diverse centers for arts, culture, and public gatherings. 


In January of 1999, Wild Root Arts took over management of the 3,000 square-foot space in downtown Brattleboro's historic Hooker-Dunham block and transformed it into a place where the visual and performing arts and their enthusiasts can come together for the enrichment of both. In February of 2007 Twilight Music took up management of the unique gallery and theater space under the guidance of manager Barry Stockwell to produce an eclectic variety of music, spoken word, and live theater performances.


Currently, Jon Mack, a local writer, director, and actor with many personal experiences on the stage of Hooker-Dunham took on managing the theater in order to continue and expand its long history as a place where arts of all sorts can take root and flourish.


Join us "through the alley and down the stairs" for an arts experience you will find nowhere else.

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