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Tuesday, March 24 @7:30

Bread and Puppet Theater present



Tickets @ the door: $10


FIRE was made in 1966 and later dedicated to three Americans who immolated themselves in protest against the war in Vietnam. Seven days in a Vietnamese c community which is incinerated by fire bombs, followed by the self-immolation of a woman, performed with life-size puppets which resemble their manipulators. The play is slow and mute, preceded by a cantastoria of the same title.

"Fire (which I count among the finest plays I have seen) more than any play I have seen has the quality of prayer… It is not a protest play and is not propagandistic, rather it responds to the horrors of  Vietnam, responds modestly and truly and enables us to respond. To some extent it is a service to the dead. Beyond this it manifests certain of the deep premises of the human condition, the unequitableness of life, our dependencies on each other, the social nature of the self."

George Dennison




























More on the history of Bread and Puppet's FIRE

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