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Magician Jonas Cain returns to the stage at the Hooker-Dunham Theater on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 7:00pm with It’s a Magical Life!  Much more than a magic show, this exhibition will combine magic with comedy, poetry, and music.


“It’s one part magic show, one part poetry reading, one part saxophone recital, one part stand-up comedy, and whole part entertaining,” explained Cain, who said he was inspired to produce this new show after years of practicing each discipline separately.  “Blending my passions has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I’m excited to see how my audiences respond.” 


A Massachusetts native, Cain, 32, has been performing magic in and around New England for over twenty years and has traveled as far away as Las Vegas to study his craft at the McBride Magic and Mystery School.  During this same time he picked up the saxophone, having studied music formally at the University of Massachusetts and Westfield State College, and has since recorded several albums.  Then in 2010 he published his first book, It Just Happened the Other Day: A True Story.  “That first book was a companion to one of my earlier magic productions of the same name,” Cain said, adding that he once performed that show in Brattleboro back in 2008.


This new production aims not just to amaze, but to also make you relax and laugh, and then scare you, maybe even make you cry, but most of all to get you to think.  “I’ll be telling some pretty ridiculous jokes, but I’ll also perform a version of a stunt that nearly killed me eighteen years ago.  So be prepared for some pretty wild surprises!”  Hopefully he’ll have better luck this time.

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