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A co-production of the The Hooker-Dunham Theater, the Rock River Players and Brattleboro Community Television


A series of shows consisting of sets of monologues and poetry filmed on-stage in the Hooker-Dunham. The first show in the series will be premiered on BCTV and YouTube in late October. Many of our area’s most talented actors are contributing performances ranging from Shakespeare and Chekov to Edgar Allan and T.S. Eliot as well as original material developed for the project.  


“There is tremendous creative energy in our community. All of us in the arts are finding innovative ways to connect with our audiences. We conceived of this series of solo performances as a means of enabling local actors to reach their audiences while keeping everyone safe and healthy.” -- Jon Mack, host of the series. 


“As we have witnessed live theater go dark, the idea of this collaboration project between the Rock River Players, the Hooker Dunham Theater and Brattleboro Community Television to produce a series of well rehearsed monologues, soliloquies and poems in front of a camera for on-air & online broadcast seems like the natural next best option,” -- Bahman Mahdavi of the Rock River Players, producer and lead director of the first show in the series. 



Actors who would like to be considered to perform in future shows are encouraged to contact the producers via the Hooker-Dunham  contact page


All shows will be available to all without charge on BCTV and on the Hooker-Dunham’s YouTube channel.

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