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Film Screening and Community Dialogue in Support of North Dakota Water Protectors


On November 16 at 7PM, we will be screening the rough cut of the film “Standing Up with Standing Rock” directed by Fidel Moreno to raise awareness about the situation in Standing Rock as well as support for the water protectors. 

The screening will be followed by a community dialogue to better understand the implications of the DAPL and how we can best organize our efforts against the fossil fuel industry. Several local organizations including Solidarity with Standing Rock Support Group, Brattleboro, and the Religious Studies Department of Marlboro College will be co-sponsoring and tabling at the event in support of the water protectors.


This rough cut has been made from 18 hours of interviews of 33 people at Standing Rock who are praying to protect the water. It is their voices and deep respect and honor for the water and their ancestral burial grounds that they seek protection for. Their personal stories are powerful and evocative and come from a deeply spiritual resolve and love of their homeland, community, and children. These stories and vivid accounts are transformative and very visceral as they open wide viewers’ spirits, hearts, and minds with the truth: we are all related. 



About Fidel Moreno: Raised in both old Mexico and the Midwest area of the United States, Fidel Moreno (Huichol/Mexican/Chicano) studied Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, Religious Studies at Augustana College, and Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Communications at Aurora University where he graduated in 1983.


His work in documentary film and video since 1983 has focused on the struggle and dialogues of indigenous people and communities in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America. He has worked directly with many communities, aboriginal leaders, chiefs and elders in documenting environmental actions and issues, human rights violations (i.e. Southwest Research Institute in El Salvador) and crisis relief services (i.e. Plenty Canada in Nicaragua)

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