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Voices is an artistic framework focused on sounds, images, and language, providing a conceptual space in which a range of voices come forth to present their versions of truth and authenticity. The first production of Voices will be a two-night production (April 14-April 15) at the Hooker-Dunham Theater in which sound and image are juxtaposed with words as presented by Landmark College students and faculty along with artists from the Brattleboro area.

Voices poses these questions, both to the performers and audience: What are the various versions of truth we enact as we try to live an authentic life? What does being authentic mean amidst multiple selves?  

Voices is about how the elements of image, sound and language can be brought together in service of diverse, individual visions of truth and authenticity in a time when these are threatened. Bertolt Brecht asked the question: “In the dark times, will there also be singing?” The answer is yes.

We extend an invitation to all participants to think about what it means to be human and lead an authentic life. This show and benefit is a collaboration between the Arts Council of Windham County and Landmark College. All proceeds will support local newspaper The Commons, a project of the Vermont Independent media. The Commons is a free publication distributed throughout the Windham County region.

The long-term goal of Voices is to create a sustainable arts experience that can be expanded over time with different collaborators using a mixed-media approach.

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