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“Bigger, louder, and more dynamic than their debut, and they've never sounded better”
– Portland Mercury

“Capable of channeling a soaring energy through their performances” – PASTE Magazine

The Weather Machine’s sophomore full-length, Peach, was recorded over the course of two years, and showcases the band’s transition from folk-born storytelling into the realm power-ballads and effects pedals. It’s not quite “tongue and cheek,” but Peach makes the listener wonder as it pits a not-quite country anthem called “Wannabe Cowboys” right up against the electronic slow jam title track, then moves deftly along into “Breakup Song” – a tune worthy of high-kicking chorus lines.

Based in Portland OR, The Weather Machine released its first full-length album after a blustery winter of recording on the Oregon Coast. With strong ties to the region, the 5-piece found its roots in the Pacific Northwest’s unique folk aesthetic,
but has since developed hard-hitting, theatrical rock performance, drawing comparisons to acts like My Morning Jacket, Hey Marseilles, and Josh Ritter.

Luke Hoffman, drummer for The Weather Machine and a member of The Washed Up Beulah Band with Arthur Davis, grew up in Shrewsbury and is returning to Vermont for the first time with his rock-n-roll outfit.


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